About Us

Are you tired of visiting the same old places in your city? Can't find the right app or website to do something new? Say hello to Concrete! You can always count on our platform to provide limitless opportunities for distinctive, dynamic, and exciting spots.

Say goodbye to boring routines and embark on exciting new adventures. Discover a new way to find hidden gems that your city has to offer, shared by locals, friends, and fellow explorers. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a local looking for something different, Concrete has you covered.

  • Explore your city's hidden gems with ease.
  • Quickly find activities, no complex filters.
  • An interactive map for seamless navigation.
  • Share your favorite gem with photos and tips.
  • Discover trending places and must-visit spots.
  • Get better suggestions with the power of AI.

How are we different?

Though our social mission may have parallels with others, we're forging a new path in uncovering city destinations redefined by our unique approach.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Simplicity is our motto, putting an end to the seemingly endless reviews reading. Nevertheless, our app offers powerful features that transform the user experience. This transformation results in a more intuitive and enjoyable interaction for our users.

Socially Driven Platform

We focus on surfacing social places, providing you with a genuine sense of community. This approach fosters connections and enriches your social experience. Our commitment to privacy means you decide what you share and with whom.

Harnessing AI's Potential

Leveraging AI technology, we connect places with your circle for top-notch suggestions. By harnessing the latest AI advancements, we always deliver the most relevant and engaging places available. We're committed to staying ahead in our tech.

We're committed to reaching as many people as possible.

We welcome cities of all sizes because we believe hidden gems can be found anywhere, not just in big cities. We value the unique charm and character that smaller towns and rural areas bring to our community, celebrating the diversity of experiences they offer.

We are avoiding platform exclusivity to promote inclusivity. We firmly believe that technology should be a bridge, not a barrier, and that's why we're committed to ensuring we're available to users of diverse backgrounds and preferences. As a result, we've made ourselves accessible on the majors mobile systems since day one: iOS and Android.

Our Company

At Concrete, we specialize in creating products that are not just useful, but a joy to use. Our focus is on bringing the essence of the world's cities to your fingertips, enhancing your exploration with tools that are both informative and delightful. We are committed to responsible and respectful practices in every aspect of our work. Our approach is centered around making a positive impact on communities and the environment, ensuring that our products are beneficial for both our users and the world around them.

We are deeply invested in fostering a workplace where making the right decisions for our team is paramount. We believe that a happy and motivated team is the cornerstone of our success. This commitment translates into a vibrant environment where new ideas are always on the horizon, ensuring that our team is continually engaged and inspired. It's this spirit of constant innovation that keeps us at the forefront of our field, and our employees at the peak of their creativity and satisfaction.

Meet the team

Pascal Khot

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Justin Brown

Chief Research Officer & Co-Founder

Olga Konyukhova

Culture and Community Manager